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We'll Show Bartek All Colours of Africa

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We’ll Show Bartek All Colours of Africa

Images and text:

Bartosz and Ewa Nowicki

In 2010 I started to photograph in Guinea, where I travelled with Binta, my Guinean born fiancé, to get married. Since that first arrival, I have always felt as a part of her family. This is why my approach to photographing in this corner of West Africa didn’t differ from the one I had while photographing my family and friends in Poland and Wales. I was shooting whatever was happening in my nearest surroundings. 

On our second trip to Guinea in 2018 we were joined by our daughters Ewa and Kamila. In 2022 we travelled again, but this time I wasn’t the only one with the camera. Ewa was shooting with her Fuji Instax and as the new images appeared one at the time, I suggested we work together on an exhibition and a zine. 

This is a result of this collaboration.

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